Siemens Siplace X4 Pick And Place Machine

Patch speed:120000CPH
Weight: 3460kg
Product description: Siemens Siplace X4 Pick And Place Machine, Patch speed:120000CPH, Dimension:1900×2734, Weight: 3460kg

Siemens Siplace X4 Pick And Place Machine

Products description



Siemens Siplace X4 Pick And Place Machine-4 rotary IC head 120000CPH

SIPLACE X-Series: A leader in the market

The new Siemens Mounter X4 SIPLACE X4 S provides an ideal solution for demanding mass production needs, meeting the stringent requirements of large-scale manufacturers for flexibility and quality. The SIPLACE X-Series features a space-saving, streamlined design with record speeds and many other great features and options.

Performance is important, but high-speed platforms must also have the flexibility to keep pace with the times. The SIPLACE X4i S is not only the speed* fast placement machine on the market today, but also the powerful software, service excellence and ** applications of SIPLACE, making the X-Series an ideal solution for your specific requirements.

The X-Series' outstanding features include support for large form factor cards, flexible material setup concepts, SIPLACE imaging systems, multiple transfer and placement modes, and 01005 component placement capabilities. You'll benefit from features such as low dpm, fast new product introduction (NPI) processes, and non-disruptive material set changes in the product category.

If you have doubts about this, we can provide you with a dedicated value analysis to help you dig deeper into the advantages that the SIPLACE X-Series can bring to your production floor. At the same time, you are welcome to compare our products with those of other equipment manufacturers.

SIPLACE MultiStar: the only "full-featured" head

No more bottlenecks, no need for replacement heads
A wider range of components and a wider range of placement modes for greater flexibility
Better overall line performance
* Balanced production line for better placement performance
**Technology guarantees quality and reliability
The star shaft is driven using a motor integrated in the head frame and each nozzle is independently controlled by a direct motor.
The camera system and component sensors are integrated.

With SIPLACE MultiStar you always get high performance with a superior balanced production line – no need to change the placement head or troublesome reconfiguration. Especially at the “end of the line” area, SIPLACE MultiStar saves time and space and eliminates frequent bottlenecks.

SIPLACE SpeedStar advantages:
The world's *fast placement head
*High placement performance in the actual environment
Handle 01005 components with ease
Best quality and reliability
A separate angle control unit for each nozzle, an integrated camera system and component sensors, all of which achieve zero defect placement!

The standard SIPLACE SpeedStar head is equipped with a vacuum sensor, a pressure sensor and PCB warpage compensation – most other manufacturers will only offer these features as stand-alone options or not at all. A single component pick-up, a separate angular rotation mechanism, and a digital imaging system that takes high-resolution photos of each component individually ensure a reliable process for efficient mass production. So it's not surprising that it maintains its high level of placement performance when it is mounted on a 01005 component as small as 0.3 x 0.15 mm.

The 20-nozzle collection head is the preferred for large-scale, high-accuracy production and can handle components from 01005 to 6 x 6 mm mm and *4 mm in height. Despite this speed and accuracy, this head and its components are characterized by long life and low maintenance costs—you can benefit not only from superior performance, but also from high availability and low maintenance costs.

SIPLACE imaging system: Focus on manufacturing quality
Determining the position of components and PCBs, assessing component quality, reading bar codes and dots, and correcting the system—all of these capabilities make the imaging system an important sensor in a placement machine.
With its digital imaging system, SIPLACE has once again set new standards for equipment manufacturers worldwide. Not only because of the individual components, such as cameras, lighting and software, but also because of the superior interaction between them.
Result: Optical inspection was achieved to ensure *upper quantity and *high productivity.
High resolution digital imaging
The SIPLACE imaging system uses superior digital technology in the megapixel range to achieve *high resolution and fast image processing.

Each component is an image
Multiple components of other equipment manufacturers' systems take an image, often causing poor focus. SIPLACE camera, shooting only a single component. This system is able to fully apply its resolution to a single component without slowing down the placement process.

Front light illumination makes small areas clearer
The SIPLACE imaging system operates with front light because it is far superior to conventional backlight systems. Using front light, this system not only detects and measures component contours, but also detects and measures the complex surface structures of modern components (BGA, PLCC, etc.).

Adjustable lighting level
Good lighting is the key to good image quality. As a result, the SIPLACE imaging system uses flexible, adjustable lighting levels to keep each component in the right light.

High speed image processing
With its powerful algorithms, the SIPLACE imaging system measures and analyzes each component in just a few milliseconds, ensuring *high speed and *good placement quality. For quality control, the system is capable of storing images of 500 failed components.

Special sensor
For additional support, SIPLACE also offers special sensors. For example, coplanar modules use lasers to detect the warpage of the pins to check the coplanarity of large components to avoid poor soldering.

SIPLACE X feeder
The intelligent SIPLACE X feeder provides a high flexibility foundation for the ** setup concept. Thanks to their hot-swappable functions, they enable quick and easy loading and unloading – without stopping the machine.
Wireless Power and Data Transfer (EDIF)
Brushless DC motor
Self-adjusting pick-up position 8mm X feeder

Ease of use:
Single track feeder module
Color LED shows the operating status of the feeder (online, offline, etc.)
The menu-driven LCD panel displays the current status of the feeder (track, sequence, etc.)

Adjustable order
Adjustable feed speed
Built-in program automatic update capability
Delivers 25 mm high components

Handling short belt functions
Built-in 01005 function
Adjustable tension
Built-in PSA (viscous film) processing

All SIPLACE X feeder modules are equipped with a pick-up sensor
Each SIPLACE X feeder has a unique ID and is suitable for loading confirmation and inclusion of traceability system solutions
Automatically set all production-related parameters such as sequence and feed speed

Do you want to produce faster, smarter and more flexibly? Do you want to *maximize the use of SMT lines and reduce the number of non-effective hours spent on board movement, line configuration and loading?
Superior collaboration is now possible with SIPLACE placement machines, setup and placement concepts, rail systems and software. The track width is automatically adjusted. Combined with the rail system, software functions such as loading optimization, family loading or our SIPLACE LES opens up new opportunities for any application* effective production concept – without the loss of SIPLACE's consistently known flexibility.

No other placement solution offers a more flexible rail system.

SIPLACE Smart Pin Support
SIPLACE Smart Pin Support automates the tedious, time-consuming process required to place a magnetic support ejector on the lift table. During the placement process, the Pin Picker removes the ejector pins from the ejector bin and places them quickly and accurately into the pre-edited position of the program.

Based on this, SIPLACE Smart Pin Support will enable electronics manufacturers to eliminate another error-prone and expensive manual process on their production floor.

1. Number of cantilever: 4
2. Mounting head type: SIPLACE 12 nozzle collection head
3. Mounting speed: 124000 IPC performance: 81,000 CPH SIPLACE benchmark performance: 90,000 CPH
Siemens X4 placement machine theoretical performance: 124,000 CPH
4. Configurable component range: 01005 to 200x125 (mm2)
5. Siemens X4 placement machine placement accuracy: ± 41um / 3
Siemens X4 placement machine angular accuracy: ± 0.5 degrees / 3σ
6. Guide rail fixed side: left to right
7. The size of the affixable PCB: 50 x 50 mm2 to 450 x 535 mm2
Single transfer rail: 50mm x 50mm-450mm x 535mm
Flexible double transfer guide: 50mm x 50mm-450mm x 250mm
8.PCB board thickness: standard 0.3mm to 4.5mm
9.PCB board weight: 3KG
10.PCB exchange time: <2.5 seconds
11.PCB positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
12. Floor area: 6.7m2
13. Noise: 75dB (A)
14. Indoor temperature: 15°-35°
15.SIPLAcE X4 weight: 3880KG (including material trolley)
Siemens X4 placement machine weighs 4255KG (feeder is full)
Siemens X4 placement machine components supply
Calculated by 8mm X feeder, 160 8mm feeder positions (X4i: 148 8mm feeder positions)
Calculated by a 3 x 8 mm S feeder, 180 8mm feeder positions
SIPLACE mobile component skip, SIPLACE matrix pallet changer
SIPLACE X feeder and SIPLACE S-feeder
Plate loading, tube loading, bulk material, special feeder


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